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I've thought long and hard about what my logo is going to look like for My E three. As I was drawing the E and the 3, I started seeing symmetry, and with that symmetry, I saw a butterfly… How fitting because for our wedding, our theme was a butterfly…. and my one and only tattoo is a butterfly… so fate has brought me once again to an almost perfect circle. Sometimes it baffles me so much to how much He leads me… But always so thankful that it turns out like this… Doodle_5

Here's my original "doodle" and inspiration image for the logo.

I had the vision, I now needed someone to continue my thought process. I reached out to our girls on E3 on Facebook and one of the girls from E3 is a graphic designer! Perfect! Thanks so much for making my thoughts and ideas real, Janice! I love everything about this logo and I can never thank you enough! Janice is a graphic designer, but she also does custom invitations and stationery! Please check out her work at Sealed with a J!

Thanks for stopping by! Running inspiration blog 2

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Aaaand I just recently updated to this one :) Let me know if you still like the original one :) lifestyle fitness blog

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