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Shipping FAQ

To our E3 family,
With the holidays coming up and the USPS problems in the news, we will be updating this page to keep transparent about our shipping estimates and more, so this is your best source to gauge our progress on your orders.
 Where are your products shipping from?
We stock and ship our products from Hoffman Estates a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.
Will there be a delay with my order?
We have an in-house processing delay of up to 1-2 days.  We're doing absolutely everything we can to have your order to you ASAP! ☕⚡🎁
When can I expect my order?
We aim to ship your order within 2 days or sooner of receiving it, after which it will be given to USPS or UPS for shipping, depending on what you chose for shipping.  
Important: During this time, your label may print, but it does not mean it has shipped.  Please allow up to 2 days maximum for your order to leave E3 HQ (additional time if your order has shipped on a weekend).  As mentioned above, we're doing everything that we can to speedily ship your order with minimal delays.
Please note that USPS and DHL have periodically been experiencing COVID-related delays that are different in every region due to this ever-changing pandemic.  This has caused delays with shipping and missed tracking scans. Even though your region may not be severely affected, a region your order has to pass through may have been.  Please allow them extra time to deliver your order.  Your tracking may not update at all if your package does not get scanned by USPS or DHL once it leaves E3 HQ.  It hasn’t been uncommon for an order to magically show up at a doorstep after a package wasn’t scanned. 
We understand that this is not ideal and we're doing the best we can to help USPS/UPS ship your order as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Lack of tracking updates and USPS/UPS delays are, unfortunately, entirely out of our hands and we have noticed almost everyone in our business community forums are having the same issues. 
Best case scenario, once your order is accepted at USPS/UPS, it'll arrive in the 3-7 business days time with full tracking updates, but we expect at least some degree of deviation from normal expectations.  Thank you for being patient with us and our shipping providers during this time.
Can I cancel/change my order?
If your order has not yet printed, you can email us to cancel/change your order.  Your order may print right away, so please do not wait to message us if you need an order edit/cancelation.  
Depending on where your order is in the processing window, we may not be able to cancel/change orders after they are printed.  Sometimes, it is difficult to track down any orders that are already printed.  Thank you for understanding!  We have a warning pop up on our cart page to hopefully allow everyone to double-check for common mistakes.
My tracking isn't updating, please help!
We, unfortunately, can't help with this one.  We're seeing only minor delays with some orders and longer ones with others.  We have resent dozens of orders only to find that the original order is arriving as we send out a second E3 gaiter/mask. 
Due to the tracking delays on USPS's end, we will not be reshipping orders unless they are 30 days outside of our original print.
From USPS' Website:  ALERT: DUE TO LIMITED TRANSPORTATION AVAILABILITY AS A RESULT OF NATIONWIDE COVID-19 IMPACTS, PACKAGE DELIVERY TIMES MAY BE EXTENDED.  Due to COVID and fewer commercial flights, USPS is using trucks and is incurring delays.  Please let customers know that USPS is experiencing the effects of COVID.  We have had to skip some scans."