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Staying Home and Self-Care

I long for the time when we can get back to what we once knew was "normal". 

I long for the time when we can go to the beach and enjoy the sun.

For now, we need to ride out this course of this horrible pandemic.  Figure out our new normal and make the most of it. 

It hasn't been easy to get a grasp of this whole thing for me.  It hasn't been easy for any of us...

I've learned to take it day by day and make the most of what we're given.  And through the process, I'm learning to not be so tough on my husband, on my daughter, on myself... 

Here are a few ideas of what I've been doing for self-care and to keep busy <3

  • Check IN:  If there's anything that I've learned from this pandemic, family and friends ties have become A LOT stronger.  Check in on family more, check in with friends more.  There's something about being surrounded by the love and laughter with family and friends.
  • Goals:  We all had pretty high hopes and goals for our 2020, but let's face it, this pandemic has changed EVERYTHING.  It's time for us to re-define our short and long term goals, if you haven't already.  We need to adapt.  We need to have something to look forward to.  
  • New Recipes:  I don't cook anything that requires more than 5 steps in the recipe.  Anything more, I totally feel like a world renowned chef doing multiple steps just to get that perfect sauce correct.  I try to keep it simple, but I find myself making dishes that I normally would not.  My next dish on deck is actually a dessert that requires Japanese sweet potatoes which I finally found at the market a couple of days ago, so I am suuuuper excited to make!  I'll share the recipe here because I'm planning to make it low carb! 
  • Meditation and Yoga:  I was already doing this prior to the pandemic.  HIGHLY recommend!  Meditation just starts and ends my day so perfectly and it's a good reset.  And Yoga just makes you feel so much better.
  • Creativity:  As much as I am itching to shoot and photograph, I am still honing in my creative juices by designing more gaiters.  I have  a lot of ideas, but not many make it to print.  I have one lined up and currently in production.  I won't be spilling any beans as to what the design is, but here's a hint: think PINK! :)
  • Planting: It's spring time!  Go out there and plant.  I wish I can talk about this more, but if you know me, I do not have a green thumb.  This idea is more for YOU than me.  lol. And when it's time to harvest your tomatoes in a month or so, and you have an over abundance of them, and would like to share, I would love some... hehe.
  • Decluttering:  That corner of the room that you keep putting off and keep snubbing and try not to look at??  It's time to declutter.  Note to self: Now is the time... Who's with me on this?!  My Konmari game is still pretty strong. Not gonna lie, I'm actually surprised I've kept it up for this long... But yeah, it's time to address THAT corner of the room.  
  • Interests / New Skills: Have you ever wanted to learn how to do calligraphy?  What about something fitness related like starting to run or even swim?  Do something you've always wanted to do.  For me, I've been focusing my free time on music.  Singing and playing my guitar has always been a favorite past time, but the problem was, I always stopped playing the guitar because it hurt my fingers!  This time, I made it a point to just keep playing, no matter what.  I'm happy to say that I am a proud owner of my finger callouses on my left hand... lol!  There will always be growing pains with ANYTHING we start... We just have to muscle through them, learn from them, and just keep going.  Just don't forget to enjoy the journey because that's what it's all about.  
  • Share: Share your interests with your friend(s) and by doing so, encourage and inspire others.  This blog that I've neglected so much, is now back up.  I have so much to share and am learning as I go along to not be so overly critical of myself on what I share and how I share it.  All I know is that I want to Empower, Enlighten, and Encourage through things I've experienced in my life.

What have you been doing?

During this quarantine, I'm learning that it's ok to be afraid of the uncertainty and to allow myself to feel the emotions that comes along with it... 

I'm learning to adapt, like I've always done. 

Focus on the things I can control and let go of the things I can't.

Just breathe more.

Just LOVE harder.



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