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Hot Chocolate Chicago 2014 Expo

EXPO... This year's Hot Chocolate 5k/15k Chicago Expo was held at McCormick Place in Chicago. This will be my second time running this race. The Hot Chocolate race is very near and dear to my heart because it was my very first race I've ever ran! This was the race that got me to fall in love with running! And this year, I was able to persuade my husband to run the race with me, so I am super excited about running this with him! Earlier this year, Hot Chocolate announced that they would be giving a medal for the 15k distance so I just had to run that distance! It's all about the race bling!!! Here are some Expo photos I captured with my iPhone. hot chocolate race 15k chicago 01

I'll always run for chocolate! :)hot chocolate race expo

Having your QR code handy makes packet pick up so much easier! They've also incorporated the ease of upload to Passbook for iPhone, which made it so much easier for me this year. I ended up helping a few friends out and picked up 5 packets! So all they had to do was scan and swipe.

hot chocolate race 15k chicago 03

My sis went with me to the expo and we both enjoyed that hot chocolate not just once, but twice! It's unlimited, so go crazy! I also saw one of my running friends, Honey, and had to take a photo chocolate race expo

I love their tag line "America's Sweetest Race"hot chocolate race gear

Awesome race gear! Yes, I ended up buying another race shirt this year... This time, the tiffany blue colored chocolate race expo

Loved how they had a section to make posters! This was definitely a favorite with the kids! hot chocolate race expo

Compared to last year's expo, this year was much better! Much more inviting and cozy. They did a good job on improving the overall feel of the expo!hot chocolate race

hot chocolate race

I highly recommend running the Hot Chocolate Race! So much fun! Check out the Ram Racing Hot Chocolate website to see if they're hosting a race in a city near you!

hot chocolate race expo

I ended up closing out the expo and saw them deflating Mr. Marshmallow dudes... Until next year, Mr. Marshmallows! I will definitely be back!

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