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Inspirational mantras on your wrist.  When I did my ironman last year in 2019, they were giving out these bracelets that said “Become One” and I wore it that whole weekend leading up to the race, and it was just a nice constant reminder of my big goal that weekend, becoming an Ironman.  And it was great to see a constant reminder on my wrist and that’s how E3 bands was born.  I just love how you sometimes get random inspirations… and what I absolutely love is seeing ideas come to fruition!

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Queens Gambit InspiredWristbands - My E Three

Queens Gambit Inspired


Chi Town - BlackWristbands - My E Three

Chi Town - Black


Chi Town - WhiteWristbands - My E Three

Chi Town - White


Straight AllyWristbands - My E Three

Straight Ally


Batok Filipino TattooWristbands - My E Three

Batok Filipino Tattoo


PI FloralWristbands - My E Three

PI Floral


La PinayWristbands - My E Three

La Pinay


Chicago FlagWristbands - My E Three

Chicago Flag


Polynesian TattooWristbands - My E Three

Polynesian Tattoo


IntramurosWristbands - My E Three



Stay CuriousWristbands - My E Three

Stay Curious


Stay WeirdWristbands - My E Three

Stay Weird


Progress not PerfectionWristbands - My E Three

Progress not Perfection


Empower Enlighten EncourageWristbands - My E Three

Empower Enlighten Encourage


Love is LoveWristbands - My E Three

Love is Love


Just keep swimmingWristbands - My E Three

Just keep swimming