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As seen on the TODAY Show

We were FEATURED on NBC’s TODAY SHOW, TODAY y’all!!! 🙈🥰 ⁣⁣
Ecstatic. Excited. Encouraged. ⁣⁣
My E three for today.. ⁣⁣
It’s so surreal to see my designed gaiter on The Today Show this morning. From an idea in my head, to photoshop, to receiving it on hand, to wearing it around town and receiving compliments, and to see people actually order it because they want to have one too! ⁣⁣
Ohmygoodness, my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude. There was a point during this pandemic where I didn’t know how we were going to survive, with all of our weddings pretty much canceled or postponed until 2021. There were days when I would just cry myself to sleep because like many millions, I didn’t know what was going to happen and it felt like everything (in the world) was going wrong… ⁣⁣
It is so true when they say when one door closes, many more open. It’s sometimes difficult to see these doors opening, but recognizing little signs and trusting your gut, and throwing it out there in the universe is truly truly so spectacular and amazing.
I’m so thankful for family and friends who’ve supported us from day 1. You guys are the best. Andy and I are so grateful for your love and support. ⁣⁣
And I’m so thankful for people who trusted our product and brand right in the beginning before we even had any reviews. Thankful for people sharing their love for others though our gaiters by giving them as gifts. ⁣⁣
Thankful for all stars aligning from being featured on SELF magazine to the TODAY Show. ⁣⁣
A special thank you to Alicia from NBC’s TODAY Show and Dr. Angela Lamb!!!⁣
Forever thankful for Andy for being my person and being there every step of the way. 💕⁣⁣
Today, I’m crying again...
But this time, with happy tears...⁣
And the most special moment was when Misha saw the gaiter on TV and she did her little dance and I was so happy to see her happy and proud.
With so much love and gratitude.⁣⁣
MY E Three

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