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Week 1: Journey to my first Half Ironman

Week 1: So here I go, the start of my half ironman journey. I built up my base leading to this and now, I’m just very excited to get things into gear. ? I promise to soak it all in. I hope I find balance in life and training. I promise to push my boundaries, but not to the expense of my body. I will try to learn as much about the process and just enjoy all the first’s of this journey. I hope to encourage, enlighten, and empower. 04.30.17 I've learned a lot as a runner and the number one thing I've learned is listening to my body. I've had a couple injuries that seem to haunt me still up until now and I've learned to really be in tune with my body in case the injuries want to creep up again... And after running my half marathon last week, I took a break from run training this week due to my metatarsalgia (inflammation of my metatarsals). Highlights from Week 1: I tested my FTP again. It's good to check FTP before starting a training cycle just to see where you're at. It's also recommended to re-test again in 4 to 6 weeks. What I discovered was my power increased from 123 to 133 ??‍♀️?If you want to get stronger on the bike, Trainer Road intervals helped a lot!!! Last FTP and LTHR : March 8, 2017: FTP 123 LTHR 147 Current FTP and LTHR: April 26, 2017: FTP 133 LTHR 144 Awesome websites I used as resource to figure out all of this stuff :) And like any test, we always should prepare for it. How to prepare for an FTP test FTP testing explained on Trainer Road Guide to figuring out your power zones based on your FTP and LTHR numbers And lastly, I'm always thankful for how far I've come through all of this and Timehop just kept reminding me of what I was doing exactly a year ago. :) THIS is why I document my journey... If I can, you definitely can!

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