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Watch a Marathon...

EXCEPTIONAL... I watched my sister in law run the North Shore Half marathon yesterday in Highland Park. This is probably one of the toughest half in Illinois because of all the hills... My sis finished strong and I'm so very proud of her! This was her third half marathon with her first being over 10 years ago! As we waited at the finish line for her, it was amazing to witness the runners' emotions as they approached. Some were happy, excited and jumping up for joy. While some were burning the last energy they had, finishing strong. One lady was assisted by two other runners and all three had pain on their faces, trying to use up every last bit of energy to help this lady make it to the finish line. About a foot in front of the finish line, they let her finish, by herself. The crowd roared even louder as everyone witnessed this amazing act that just happened right before our eyes... Shortly after passing that finish line, her legs had given up and she started stumbling. She was quickly assisted by medics who were anxiously waiting for her… Another amazing thing I witnessed were these 4 ladies approaching the finish. All big smiles on their faces. You would've never known that they just ran 13.1 miles in hot, humid, and hilly course. About 5 feet from the finish, they all held hands and finished together. As they were crossing, one of them screamed, "We're 50!!!!" Wow. Just wow. Yes, there were a lot of older people that ran this race (who were also so inspiring), but something about those 4 ladies gave me the goosebumps. They were so proud. So happy. So strong.... If they can, we can! If you're able to watch a long distance race, watch one. It's truly so amazing and inspiring! And maybe, why not just go for it and run one! they say that crossing that finish line will change you forever...

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