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spotify running

As if Spotify wasn't cool already... This just made it THAT much cooler. Do you run with Spotify? Do you run with music? I'm one of those runners who gets lost in my music while running... Sometimes I run, to LISTEN to music.. Depending on the song, I match my cadence to the beat and it's as if I'm dancing :) If you're like me and love to match your steps with the beat of the music, Spotify has just made our lives that much easier... They recently announced Spotify Running! They're promising us music on our playlist to match our cadence / tempo. I know, mind blowing right?! They also announced that they will be collaborating with Nike Plus later this summer, and we'll be able to access our Spotify through the Nike app! I am soooooo excited for these updates. Thanks Spotify, for stepping it up for all of us runners. "We’ve combined the best music on the planet – recommendations based on your listening history, multiple-genre playlists and original running compositions written by some of the world’s foremost DJs and composers – all tuned to your tempo and seamlessly transitioned to ensure you’ll never miss a beat. Start running and Spotify will detect your tempo, matching the perfect music in time to your step – making you a harder, better, faster, stronger runner." ~ Spotify And if you want to follow my playlist and jam/run to my tunes, here's the link below... ENERGIZE… with MUSIC! I've been known to sing out loud while running.. . I've also been known to do some fist pumping, if the tune is really good… And maybe even do a little bit of dancing… Oh yeah, it's all about the tunes! :) Here's my PLAYLIST on SPOTIFY. Now it's time to dance…errrr I mean, RUN! Running inspiration blog 2

Would love to add more if you have some really really must have songs to listen to that gets you going! Comment below :)

Running Playlist Current top favorites that I LOVE starting my runs with… you know the ones that make you want to go for that PR! Don't Stop Believin' : Journey (because we should NEVER stop believin') Boneless : Chris Lake, Tujamo Pump It : The Black Eyed Peas The Middle : Jimmy Eat World #thatPOWER : Sweet Child O' Mine : Guns N' Roses Feel so Close : Calvin Harris Hey Ya : OutKast running playlist 80's

Gotta love the 80's!

running playlist 90's

Don't forget the 90's!

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