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Rock n Roll Half Marathon Chicago

I smiled, but it was THE toughest race I've ever ran. Holy moly! That humidity was brutal ???????????? definitely had to slow it down, but happy I finished. The last 3 miles, I saw 8 runners that we're getting help from the race guards / medic ???? I hope those runners are ok... 90% humidity is no joke! Ready to "Rock n Roll!" Today's 13.1 is not about personal bests, but all about enjoying beautiful Chicago and finishing with a smile. 90% humidity at start... I'm sweating just waiting in my corral! My 6th half marathon! Let's do this!

My flat runner ready for Rock n Roll half marathon Chicago!

Expo-ing ☺️???? at the RnR Chicago half marathon on 07.17.15 She's a professional "duck-facer", watch out! ???????? RUN!!!! Who doesn't love expos... So much fun!

Shortly after running my race, I drove to Racine, Wisconsin to cheer on my brothers race the Ironman Racine 70.3!! I'm so proud of both of them!! They both PR'd! As you can see, we had a pretty busy day that day... I can't imagine doing an Ironman race! :( I would need to learn how to swim first.. LOL! The girls also ran the iron kids race... Our blings for the day! :)

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