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Princess Half Marathon : Glass Slipper Challenge

Going into the race, I knew that PR'ing was out the door as I wanted to really soak it in and take as many photos with characters along the route. What I didn't know was how hard it was to stop and run and stop and run again... You lose momentum... And bringing Yoda with me on my back didn't make it easier... But at the end of it all, this was the best half marathon I've ever ran! 02.22.15 What a memorable birthday!!! Thanks everyone for your birthday greetings!!
What I learned running Disney's Princess Half Marathon
  1. Make sure you arrive plenty of time before the race starts! There's a good 1 mile walk to the actual start corrals from where you enter at Epcot. And no, you can't get dropped off any closer or else you will get disqualified. Yikes!
  2. You will see A LOT of port of potties all in one place near the race entrance and well before the start corrals. If you have to do some business, do it then and don't wait until you get to the corrals because there's none near the corrals at all... and like I said, it's a good walk back...
  3. It's most likely going to be chilly so make sure you have a throw-away long sleeve top or even a garbage bag will do to keep you warm in the corrals.
  4. Bring extra fuel / food in case you get hungry in the corrals like I do. My metabolism is in overdrive on race day and I always seem to get hungry right before racing.
  5. There will be plenty of prince, princesses, and even villains along the route. Take a photo with your favorites! But also keep in mind that it may get you out of rhythm like what happened to me.
  6. Smile every Mile! Always makes it easier :)

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