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Nike Plus App

ELEVATE... your run.

I LOVE the Nike Plus App! I use it all the time on all of my runs. It allows me to keep track of all my runs and take notes on what happened during my run. You can add your friends to help you stay motivated or even have some friendly competition amongst them using the challenge feature. Whenever I see them get their miles in, it makes me want to go out there and run too! Aside from all of this, it also tracks your pace, route, distance, time, calories, and gives you audio feedback while running. And the best part of all of it?! It's FREE! Below are some screen shots of my Nike Plus on my iPhone.

nike plus app

It's pretty cool how you see progress with your time as you get stronger and faster. It's such a good feeling when you see your time improve. Remember, you are your own competition!

nike plus app 02

Sample photos of how I incorporated the Nike Plus App with my Instagram. You can share your runs via Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter too!

nike plus app 03

I'm also crazy about their super cute "Trophies" that they give out for milestone runs or if you run on special occasions such as your birthday! :)

nike plus app 04 nike plus app 05

There are two ways to view your "Activity". If you turn your phone horizontally, you can view it as a graph. A nice way of also seeing your progress!

nike plus app 06

Connect with friends via Facebook and challenge them! Add me! Would love to add more runners on my Nike! I'm "run_michele_run" :)

nike plus app 07

Another feature that I really like is the "Nike Coach" feature. It provides a training plan for your next race and has run reminders as well :) All you have to do is enter your race date and it will figure out when to start! Once you start getting your runs in, it will also recommend the level of training plan to do. For me, I found that using the Nike Coach and Hal Higdon training programs worked best for my schedule.

nike plus app 08

Here are sample screen shots of some of my runs. It's pretty cool how it keeps track of your route as well. Have you seen this clever marriage proposal using the Nike Plus App? :) This is so perfect in every way, and it took a lot of planning! Maybe one of these days, I'll write something out with my route :)

nike plus app 09 nike plus app 10 nike plus app 11 nike plus app 12

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