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win a free pair of balegas

Balega socks are my favorite! They are the most comfortable socks to run in.. They're cushiony, they never sock bunch, and they are available in so many fun colors! For those who follow me on Instagram, you know how much I LOVE instagramming... Well, Balega has a fun Instagram hashtag contest going on now until June 15th! Post a fun photo of you wearing your Balega socks and hashtag it #BalegaComfortChallenge to win Balega socks! Guess who was one of the lucky winners last week?! ME! I wanted to show much I "heart" my Balega's so this is my winning image above... I'm passing it on to all of you to post your Balega sock photo to win, because after all, we can never have enough Balega's right?! :) Good luck everyone! Balega socks for running Running inspiration blog 2 myethree_apple_ipad2

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