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How do I start running?

ENCOURAGE… Everyone's gotta start somewhere!  I've actually tried running twice before this time around, but I did it myself, not knowing what I was doing and failed.  I failed because I did too much at one time with bad form.  Those are the two worst combinations you can ever do…  Aside from these two tries, the last time I ran was in high school, senior year, but only because it was a required 2.5 miles to graduate, and I hated everything about it.  My issue with running was always because of shin splints.  What I didn't realize was it was because of my bad form.  I wish my gym teacher taught us how to runbecause it would have made a world of difference!
This time around, 20+ years after that required 2.5 miles in gym class, I wanted to give it another try because I plateaued in my weight loss.  So I asked my Zumba instructor, Evelyn, and she's the one that got me started.  I am forever grateful for her for introducing me to the Chi Running Technique.  With this technique, I don't get shin splints anymore!  At that point, I started asking other runners for tips, I researched a lot (google was my friend), and took my time and listened to my body…  Here's what I've learned below.   If I can, you definitely can!
Tips for Running… what worked for me... 
1. Get clearance from your doctor.  Especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.
2. Get fitted for shoes (Dick PondFleet FeetNaperville Running Company, Road Runner Sports, etc.) CLICK HERE if you're looking for a local store near you!
  • Finding the right shoe will make a HUGE difference!  And going to these specialty running stores is a must.  Don't go to a regular sporting goods store.  They will not be able to do custom fitting for you.
  • TIP: Make sure you get at least 1/2 or even a full size bigger than what you would normally wear.  I made the mistake of buying the same size as what I normally wear and my toes started rubbing on the top of my shoes, especially when I started adding more miles to my runs.
  • TIP 2:  Ask about running socks!  The biggest mistake new runners make is not investing in running socks!  Cotton is out, and synthetic is in!  Cotton promotes blistering and moisture build up, while synthetic socks are sweat wicking, and have more cushion in the heel and forefoot.  Yes, they are expensive, but trust me, you'll want to invest in at least one or two!  My favorite socks are made by Balega.
3. Download the C25K app (free!)
  • This C25k app is your coach!  "She" will tell you when to start running and start walking, etc.. this app will ease you into running slowly!  Everyone has to start somewhere!  When I first started running, I couldn't even run longer than 15 seconds!  No joke.
  • TIP: Make sure your phone is NOT on MUTE, otherwise you won't be able to hear her talk...
4. Download the Nike app (free!)
  • The Nike app will tell you how far you've run and your time. (distance and pace)
  • Add friends on the app!  Seeing others run will help motivate you to get your miles in!  Add me: run_michele_run
  • TIP: Start this app AFTER you do your warm up brisk walk.  Doing so will give you a more realistic measurement of your pace.
  • Check out this blog post I did on Nike Plus App! 
5. Go your pace. Doesn't matter how fast or how slow. Just do...
  • There's no competition to be better than anyone else… Your competition is yourself! 
6. Listen to your body.
  • This might be the first time you've ever moved.  No worries on that, like I said before, everyone has to start somewhere.
  • If you need to take it slower than what the C25k app is suggesting, then do so.  Only you know your body.
  • If you typically do not do any type of physical activity, I'm going to tell you that you WILL GET SORE.  You're going to feel sore in different parts of your body, especially your legs.  That is quite normal.  Soreness will happen, but it's all part of your journey.  Accept it with open arms because it means that you've put in the work! :)
  • Later you'll probably learn to enjoy being sore… No joke.
7. ALWAYS do at least a 5 minute warm up and cool down with a brisk walk!  Stretch after you run, it's not necessary to stretch before your run. 
8. Have fun. Document your journey. 
  • If you're trying to lose weight and become more fit, then running will help!  Before running, I was trying to lose the "baby weight" I had gained when I had my daughter, and never could drop the pounds doing Zumba.  When I started running, the weight started coming off!
9.  Sign up for a race!  Nothing gets my butt moving like a race I've registered for!
10.  Smile every Mile!  Always worked for me :) 
Disclaimer:  I am no professional :) These steps that I had shared with you above has worked for me!  Run happy, run smart! 
 This photo was taken by my husband when I ran in the city. 

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