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Goofy Challenge

Omg I did it!! ???? Lungs were good, legs were like, "what the heck, no more!!" ???? and brain was like, "what was I thinking?!" ???? but my heart ❤️ is what kept me going and the thought of seeing family and friends at the finish ????. By far, THE hardest challenge I've had to date and I'm so glad it's over ????... What an amazing experience!???? I had a couple of goals coming into the race today: Finish with a big smile, soak it all in, and get Mickey to "fierce" it with me (got a few more characters too!) ????????????. 01.10.16 ::: this third marathon was definitely unforgettable. ???????? Thanks for all your good luck wishes and texts. I loved it all! I'm now in search for the best cupcake in town and moscato ????????

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