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Enchanted 10k : Glass Slipper Challenge

Part one of the Glass Slipper Challenge... One race down, one more race to go! What a funnnnn 10k! My first Disney race and of course I had to participate in dressing up. When Running Disney, you MUST! :) Well, not really, but it sure is a lot more fun if you do! I bought this Minnie Mouse inspired run skirt here. And who doesn't want extra bling on their run skirt??! I took my time and really soaked in my first Run Disney experience! It was 39 degrees at start and ended at 50 degrees. I had a throw-away long sleeve in the begining to keep me warm, but once I got going, the cool weather was absolutely perfect.??✌️? Later that day, I explored Hollywood Studios with the family. Walking around post race actually helps so much with recovery! But there's many other things that go into recovery which is very important with back to back races. Here's what I do:
  1. Immediately after race, re-hydrate with the drinks provided at the exit chute. Eat a banana.
  2. Stretch as much as possible.
  3. Head back to hotel and soak in an ice bath for at least 8 minutes. It's going to hurt, but only for the first 1.5 minutes or so... :) and then you just go numb.
  4. Foam roll. Muscles need to be loose for the following day's race to prevent injuries.
  5. My favorite part of recovery is my compression boots! Got this baby for Christmas from the hubby! :)
  6. Walk it off...

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