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Chi Town - Black

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Chi Town - Black

The 312, 773, city of big shoulders, & the 2nd city, but the 1st in one of the most beautiful skylines. This band is adorned with the 4 stars that symbolize the significant historical events that have & continue to shape the city. A blue line is to signify the river & the great Lake Michigan on one side or flip it to the other to show off that famous skyline. Often ranked Best Big City in the US, wear this to represent your city that’s second to none!

E3 bands are handmade from a place of love and happiness.  Wear these custom works of art on your wrist for inspiration, to keep you motivated and reminded of the positivity and happiness in your life.

ELASTIC E3 BANDS SIZING: Measure your wrist circumference and order the next size up

  • SMALL - 5.7 inches
  • MEDIUM - 6.3 inches
  • LARGE - 6.9 inches



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