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Be Present

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Be Present

The past haunts us & the future scares us & all we have left is now . The time that past we can’t take back. The future is unknown. Enjoy the gift of the current moment. Slow down. Stay here in the present.  When everything is bound to speed up, know that you can always come here.  Be present and be aware of what’s happening in front of you because you never know when you can’t be present anymore with that person.

E3 elastic polyester wristbands are handmade from a place of love and happiness.  Wear these custom works of art on your wrist for inspiration, to keep you motivated and reminded of the positivity and happiness in your life.

ELASTIC E3 BANDS SIZING: Measure your wrist circumference and order the next size up

  • SMALL - 5.7 inches
  • MEDIUM - 6.3 inches
  • LARGE - 6.9 inches



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